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At The Lensmakers Optical, we take great pride in offering services of the highest quality, services that are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. We know how important it is to get high-quality medical care and to feel that your money is truly well-spent, this is why we always take our time to listen to our patients and we only work with some of the best eye specialists in the area. With a solid background in the industry, we can guarantee that you are in good hands and that our certified and licensed professionals will surely give you the peace of mind every patient needs.

What Do We Offer?

We offer different eye exams and other comprehensive eye-related services, in addition to an extended array of medical products such as eye glasses or contact lenses for correcting your vision. We work with upscale eyeglass frame providers as well, including world-renowned designers such as Emporio Armani, Christian Dior, Ray Ban, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Michael Kors, and others – on the other hand, we also offer a more affordable array of frames. Our skilled opticians can help you decide on the type of frame and design that will best compliment your facial features, so that your new eye glasses will not only improve your sight, but also be an outstanding fashion accessory as well.

If the traditional glasses do not match your rather active lifestyle, we also offer a generous array of contact lenses as well, both color and colorless – the possibilities are endless in terms of vision correction nowadays!

As mentioned above, we strive to keep the prices as accessible and affordable as possible – if you do not want an upscale designer frame then you can always opt for a more affordable, basic frame that will work just as good. We take pride in being so time-effective and customer-oriented!